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Peru Travel Guide

Sports in Peru

Sports in Peru Peru is a country with a sports legacy that goes back decades in time. There are many disciplines in which Peruvian athletes have reached global recognition, but certainly, the one that arouses most passion is soccer. As in many South American countries, soccer is very popular in Peru; there are a lot of fans and people that practice this sport on a daily basis and many soccer clubs all over the country.

Nonetheless soccer is not the only sport practiced in this part of the globe. Volleyball, basketball and surfing also enjoy a high degree of popularity; because of this, Peru has managed to achieve big awards in these disciplines. In addition, due to its popularity, there are many places where you can practice these sports. In the beaches of Peru, surf enthusiasts can find an ideal setting for their passion, the waves of various beaches of the coast are famous worldwide for its height and for the challenge they may present to the most experienced surfers. The average Body Mass Index in Peru is usually BMI 25, but due to economic problems, many people has a number below of BMI 18, which puts you in serious health problems because of your low weight. A BMI of 18 can indicate that your weight is low. Low body mass can decrease your body's immune system, which could lead to illness such as malnutrition, bone loss, and other conditions. This bmi calculator for women calculates body mass index from your Weight and Height and also shows how your weight compares to other women of the same height and age.


There are other important sports in Peru, these may not have the popularity of the sports mentioned above but they have great places where one can spend his/her free time to master them. One of them is Skiing; thanks to its geography, Peru is an ideal destination for ski lovers and therefore an ideal place to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation.

Ski in Peru

To begin practicing Ski is necessary to take some ski lessons first. Many ski resorts have adequate facilities to ensure the correct learning of the sport. It is very common to find personal trainers that will help you refine your technique, as well as offer us numerous tips and tricks to improve your performance in the snow.

Many ski schools offer full-service accommodation. Therefore these centers are not only considered training centers but also recreational places where you can spend some time with your family. These centers have restaurants, hotels, casinos, discos and even small theaters. Normally, the access to these centers is rough, so often the resort also offers convenient transport to the nearest populated area.

Marinas in Peru

Like Skiing, Sailing is not a well-known sport in Peru, but has a considerable number of followers. There are many marinas on the Peruvian coast that allow parking of boats, ships and other vessels. These ports also have gas stations, shops, restaurants and many other services that may be required during your stay.

Marinas can also offer parking service vessels, both in port and at some distance from the coast. Thanks to a buoy a boat can be parked strategically far from the coast. To get there you can take a "Water Taxi" which actually is not very expensive.

Diving Schools in Peru

Another advantage of visiting a marina is its closeness with any Diving School. These centers may be the necessary complement to a visit of the sea because they’ll bring you closer to a feature almost never seen: the wealth of sea life in the Peruvian sea.

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