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Schools in Peru

The educational system in Peru contributes to the personís integral formation of all the life and in accord to what it is been established by the Ministry of Education, it has two clear-cut stages: Basic education and Higher education.

In Peru, the education is obligatory and free in the educational public institutions for the basic stage. On the other hand, the superior education depends on the studentís satisfactory performance; he/she could enter without having to pass the admission exam.

Educational system in Peru

The educational system consists of:

1. Basic education
  • Initial education: It begins at the age of three but it is not obligatory. A year of initial education will suffice.
2. Higher education
  • Primary education: It begins at the age of six, and it goes from the first grade to the sixth grade of primary school.
  • Secondary education: It starts at the age of twelve, and the time of culmination can vary. The mode of Regular Basic Education (EBR) lasts 5 years and the mode of Alternative Basic Education (EBA) lasts 4 years.

After that, students can follow a superior education in a public or private university.

Military   schools

Military schools in Peru

If you decide to follow a military career, you know that there is a boot camp where you can receive all the training necessary to develop yourself as a professional and become prepared to face any adversity. The military schools will offer information about the life inside the military. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of it before you decide to make a career out of the military.

Law schools

Law schools in Peru

If you choose to follow a law career, consolidating yourself as a good lawyer must be one of the goals in your life. The practical application of legal theory constitutes the key to solve real problems, make sure that you have the vocation of a lawyer before you decide to study intensively. Choose the right one among the best law schools in Peru.

Flight schools

Flight schools in Peru

Are you looking for a first level training to develop a successful career?First, you must consider a variety of flight schools and discard some of them until you find the right school for you. Take into account the personalized instruction and the kind of experimented instructors. Also check if the school is accredited.

Pilot schools

Pilot schools in Peru

Are you interested in following an amazing career in the Air Force of Peru? There are pilot schools that offer diverse careers. You can get jobs as an airline pilot captain, chief pilot, first officer, pilot examiner, among others. Choose the best option by considering the kind of field that youíd prefer to study.

Technical   schools

Technical schools in Peru

As a part of a higher education in Peru, technical schools are chosen by the majority of the population that has chosen to develop a specialization in a particular study of field. Study in the most prestigious technical schools; so, then you can apply for a job in the future. Technical schools offer careers in the fields of health, education, business and communications, just to mention some.

Boarding   schools

Boarding schools in Peru

Boarding schools turn out to be an experience of professional growth. The academic aspect inside a boarding school is the same as it is in public or private schools. The difference relies on the fact that students will have to stay inside the school thus enhancing the communication and social norms between students and teachers. Boarding schools offer more extracurricular activities and a rigid schedule.

Trade schools

Trade schools in Peru

Another option inside the educational system includes trade schools in Peru where students study short careers; especially those that are the most requested in the labor market.

Compare and analyze the diverse of programs in fields such as culinary, design, teaching and technology. Generally these careers take up to a year, depending on the kind of degree that you want to have.

Massage   schools

Massage schools in Peru

The massage therapy classes are usually offered by massage schools in Peru, to bring you a better health and a better way of life through the teaching and the practicing of true principles and techniques. Besides there are more programs with specialized techniques to perform corporal massages, skin massages, massages for babies, etc. Donít be surprised if they will complement massages with natural plants. Choose the best massage school.

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