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If you are planning a trip to Peru, keeping your memories for a lifetime can be done by creating your own photo album or uploading the pictures you have from your trip online. When you want to upload your photos or create an online album, doing so is possible with the use of a free image resizer.

What is a Photo Resizer?

An image resizer is a service that is available online that gives you the ability to upload photos one by one or in bulk. Using a photo resizer gives you the ability to resize all of the photos you have taken while on your trip to Peru. When you resize your Peru photos you are also condensing the file size, allowing them to load quicker, especially when uploaded online.

Using a free image resizer is ideal whether you plan to upload all of the photos you have taken in Peru to your own website, social media accounts or even to online photo album galleries.

Why Make a Photo Album?

Storing all of the photos you have taken in Peru in your own homemade photo album is a way to create a physical memory from your digital images. Making a photo album is a way for you to truly cherish the time you have spent in Peru as well as the areas you may have explored. Making a photo album when you travel to Peru is a way for you to ensure you never forget the memories you have made in the country.

Converting Files

If you are putting together your album of Peru photos yourself, doing so is also possible by using a PDF to Word converter or another type of file converter. When you convert PDF to Word it is much easier to open and access the document's text and other information provided.


An active city, some 2400m above sea level, and with a relatively wealthy population of over three-quarters of a million,AREQUIPA maintains a rather aloof attitude toward the rest of Peru.

Arequipa Photos
Arequipa Travel guide


Chiclayo is the commercial centre of northern Peru, so it's better famed for its banks than its heritage.Nevertheless it has its attractions, even if most of the city is an urban sprawl modernizing and growing by the month.

Chiclayo Photos
Chiclayo Travel guide


The Cusco Valley and the Incas are synonymous in most people's minds, but the area was populated well before they arrived on the scene and they simply built their empire on the toil and ingenuity of generations of previous cultures.

Cusco Photos
Cusco Travel guide


Less than a century ago, HUARAZ - some 400km from Lima - was still a fairly isolated community, barricaded to the east by the dazzling snowcapped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca and separated from the coast by the dry, dark Cordillera Negra.

Huaraz Photos
Huaraz Travel guide


Iquitos is an ideal place for the lovers of the ecological tourism, and for which they wish to feel an intimate contact with the virginal nature of the forests of Amazon.Of the city you will be able to go to the houses of field in the forest.

Iquitos Photos
Iquitos Travel guide


LIMA is a boisterous, macho city, relaxed and laid-back, yet having an underlying energy, with money and expensive cars ruling the roost - you can buy anything in Lima if you have the cash, particularly in Lima Centro.

Lima Photos
Lima Travel guide


Some 20km south of the viewing tower, the colonial town of NAZCA spreads along the margin of a small coastal valley. Although the river is invariably dry, Nazca's valley remains green and fertile.

Nazca Photos
Nazca Travel guide


On the approach to OLLANTAYTAMBO from Urubamba, the river runs smoothly between a series of fine Inca terraces that gradually diminish in size as the slopes get steeper and more rocky.

Ollantaytambo Photos
Ollantaytambo Travel guide


Less than three hours by bus from Lima, PISCO is an obvious and rewarding stop en route south to Nazca and Arequipa. Although of little interest in itself, it makes a pleasant base - and provides access to the Paracas National Reserve.

Pisco Photos
Pisco Travel guide


With a dry, cold climate - frequently falling below freezing in the winter nights of July and August - PUNO is just a crossroads to most travellers, en route between Cusco and Bolivia or Arequipa and maybe Chile.

Puno Photos
Puno Travel guide


Pizarro, on his second voyage to Peru in 1528, sailed by the site of ancient Chan Chan, then still a major city and an important regional centre of Inca rule. He returned to establish a Spanish colony in the same valley.

Trujillo Photos
Trujillo Travel guide


URUBAMBA , about 80km from Cusco via Pisac or around 60km via Chinchero, is only a short way down the main road from Yucay's Plaza Manco II, and here the Río Vilcanota becomes the Río Urubamba.

Urubamba Photos
Urubamba Travel guide

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