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Peru Travel Guide

Crime & Personal Safety

The biggest problem for travellers in Peru is, without a doubt, thieves (bad boys).

The Police

Most of your contact with the police will, with any luck, be at frontiers and controls. Depending on your personal appearance and the prevailing political climate the police at these posts ( Guardia Nacional and Aduanas) may want to search your luggage.

This happens rarely, but when it does it can be very thorough. Occasionally, you may have to get off buses and register documents at the police controls which regulate the traffic of goods and people from one departmento of Peru to another; these are usually situated on the outskirts of large towns on the main roads, but you sometimes come across a control in the middle of nowhere. Always stop, and be scrupulously polite - even if it seems that they're trying to make things difficult for you.

Terrorism in Peru

The terrorism is a problem less in Peru, previously on years 80 and years 90, the terrorism was a very high criterion in Peru, in the gobieno of Alberto Fujimori Fujimori (1990 - 2000) He eliminate terrorimo completely.

At the moment there are two main terrorist groups active in Peru - Tupac Amaru (MRTA) and the Sendero Luminoso (the Shining Path).

The tourist police

If you're unlucky enough to have anything stolen, your first port of call should be the tourist police. Bear in mind that the police in popular tourist spots, such as Cusco, have become much stricter about investigating reported thefts, after a spate of false claims by dishonest tourists.

This means that genuine victims may be grilled more severely than expected, and the police may even come and search your hotel room for the "stolen" items. However, provided your claim is genuine, you should stick to your guns and make sure you get a written report.

Peru's headquarters for the tourist police is in Lima at the Museo de La Nacion, Javier Prado Este 2465, 5th floor (tel 01/225-8699, 437-8171 or 435-1342).

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