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Several naturalists and travellers have created the statement that a trip from the shore of the Peruvian sea to the highlands and then to the rainforest is similar to a journey from the equatorial line to the poles, going by all the natural regions of the Earth. This is completely true, because Peru has 84 of 104 zones of life available in our planet (Holdridge) and 28 kinds of climate from a total of 32 (Thornwaite) in the Earth !

Wildlife and ecology

Peru probably the most diverse array of wildlife of any country on earth, its varied ecological area span an incredible range of climate and terrain.

National parks and reserves

The National Parks of Peru are representative examples of the natural diversity and the ecological unities in our country. In these Parks, the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems, the wild fauna and flora area protected.

Some National Parks in Peru

Rio Abiseo
Alto Purus
Tingo Maria
Bahuaja Sonene
Cerros of Amopate
Yanachaga Chemillen

National Park Manu

The Manu National Park was established on May 29, 1973 by UNESCO recognized it as the Center area of the Reserve of the Biosphere. It is located in the departments of Madre de Dios and Cusco.

In 1987 this park was recognized as a Natural Inheritance of the Humanity. It has a surface of 1.532,806 hectares and represents a very important example of the biological diversity in the Amazon. We con find nearly all the subtropical and ecological formations of the Amazon Jungle.

National Park Manu
Peru Nature
National Park Manu
Peru Nature

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