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Peru Travel Guide

Communications in Peru

Telephone system

Adequate for most requirements.
Around 24 area codes for each of the 24 departments in Peru. Telephone numbers range from 5-8 digits. domestic: nationwide microwave radio relay system and a domestic satellite system with 12 earth stations international: satellite earth stations - 3 DirecTV Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean); Pan American submarine cable

Radio broadcast stations

AM 640, FM 1,652, shortwave 175 (as of September 30, 2004) Country code (Top level domain): PE

All Peruvian towns have a Teléfonica del Peru office, which offers an operator service; give the receptionist your destination number and they will allocate you to a numbered phone booth when your call is put through (you pay afterwards). These offices also have phones taking cards. In Lima, the central Teléfonica del Peru office is often crowded, so a better option is to phone from your hotel or from the street telephone kiosks .


With a little patience you can make international calls from just about any town in the country. In recent years the telephone system has dramatically improved, partly due to being taken over by a Spanish telephone company and partly because of modernization and an increasing use of satellites.

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