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Peru Travel Guide

Spanish in Peru

Spanish in Peru Peru is located in Latin America; this country has three official languages: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. Spanish is the most spoken language across the country, it belongs to the Romance Language Family. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages around the world. In the 16th century, Spanish was introduced to Peru when Spain turned this country into one of its colonies.

This country is known for its easy to understand accent, since Peruvians have kept a complete pronunciation of words, spanish irregular verbs and a relative slow rhythm of speech. However, there are many more reasons for coming to Peru; this country has an excellent food, a rich history, and the most wonderful cultures. No one visiting this country regrets it.

Language schools

Languages schools have foreign and native people who teach Spanish, they offer different kinds of classes and schedules and keep the necessary resources to make your experience the best. Spanish language is not difficult to learn, the Spanish grammar is maybe the hardest part of learning this language, but the spoken part is very easy. Most language schools have well-trained teachers that speak more than one languages in order to understand better the inquiries of their students.

Although the cost of living in Peru is a bit expensive, and most language schools are expensive too, living in Peru for a period of time allows you to learn more things about the country and the people than just Spanish language. One can also take advantage of the Quechua language schools that let you learn more things related to the Inca culture. Quechua was the official language of this Empire so many stories about them are kept in this language.

People who cannot travel to Peru in order to learn a language can always take an online course. There are more and more web sites that offer to learn Spanish. and it's very easy to find a tutor in Spanish this way. To have a tutor will make your learning process easy. It's a great option to be fluent in Spanish in a short time period. These Internet sites have a section which is known as online languages that offers many language resources. This new method of learning a language is booming, people don't have much time to learn extra courses so they see this option as the perfect opportunity to achieve their goals without leaving other things behind or having to modify their schedules. Most online courses are for free, other courses ask for a payment.

Peru is a perfect country to learn a language, their people is very friendly. It has become the most favorite place for many foreign students, so many educational institutions have opened their door to welcome them.  

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