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Nazca Travel Guide

Nazca Travel Guide

Nazca is located in the Nazca Desert, a high arid plateau that stretches 53 miles between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana in Peru. They were created by the Nazca culture between 200 BCE and 700 CE. The city of Nazca is known primarily for the "Lines" or "Geoglyphs" in the desert, large depictions of animals and other designs etched into the surface by an ancient culture. The Nazca lines cannot be recognized as coherent figures except from the air

Nazca is located just two hours from Ica, The Nazca Lines, discovered in 1927, are the most extraordinary legacy left by a culture that flourished in 300 BC.

The lines are a series of complex designs, some up to 300 meters long from an altitude of at least 1,500 feet by air.

Central Coast, 1,929 feet (588 m.) above se level

566 Km (351.8 miles) from Arequipa
205 Km (127.4 miles) from Paracas
135 Km (84 miles) from Ica
460 Km (286 miles) from Lima

Around 19,661 inhabitants

Nazca Travel Guide
Nazca Travel Guide
Nazca Travel Guide
Nazca Travel Guide

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