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MBA Programs in Peru

MBA Programs in Peru What is an MBA?
A master business administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized degree which has become in the main passport to high-profile management positions. An MBA is quite different from an MA or MSc because it is based on business activities and related with training people for management positions. An important requirement to get an MBA degree is to have management experience before starting the program.

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Why an MBA

It is a means to an end; an MBA is designed to give us the ability to develop our career; furthermore an MBA provides important advantages such as:
  • Abilities: in economics, finances, management, etc.
  • Access to a network of MBA students: This network can be useful for building business relationships whit businessman around the world.
  • Specific Management Training; although some universities and business schools also offer to study one or more areas at the same time. (See also Business school guide)

One thing is certain; to study an MBA related to a specific career, you just have to choose the right program.

MBA programs in Peru

The most important Peruvian university that offers an MBA program is the "Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú", but one can find other Peruvian universities and Business Schools offering MBA courses as well. These universities offer scholarships to study abroad for the best Peruvian students.

Some of the most important Universities and Business schools that offer MBA programs include:
  • Maastricht School of Management
  • Universidad del Pacifico
  • ESAN

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