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Lima Travel Guide

Lima, capital of Peru and largest city in Peru. It is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Lima occupies the valleys of the Rimac, Lurin and Chillon. It lies on a desertic coast overlooking the Bay of Lima in the Pacific Ocean where its port was built and named Callao.

The city of Lima was founded by Spanish Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535, as the City of Kings. Today nearly one-third of the nation's population lives in this one metropolitan area with near 8 million inhabitants.

Important economic sectors in Lima include transportation, retail, information and communication, construction, media and music, advertising and design and tourism. Today represents the best location for work. When you aspire to work in one of these countries or simply want to learn another language to add to your resume, you can become fluent in Spanish by learning how to type in this language.

The city of Lima you will find imposing colonial constructions, museums in which you will be able to recreate a complete image of the millennial Peruvian past in its archeology, history, art and pre-Inca archaeological locations.

Lima has also a great subtropical climate, it is never too warm or too cold. People in Lima do not know what a raincoat or umbrella is, since rains are rare. In fact, Lima is built upon a valley surrounded by an extremely arid desert.

Lima is often referred to as the "Gastronomy Capital" of Latin America, and is the ideal place to discover the multi-faceted array of Peruvian cuisine. Their Gastronomy is a reflection of the influences from different times and immigrant cultures as well as its three main geographical zones: Andean highlands, jungle and coast. Each of these three cuisines with defined nutritional values. Now more about food facts in The food database in spanish language where you can discover all you need to know about the foods you eat daily.

The city of Lima

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