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Folklore in Iquitos

In the environs several places exist in which part of the folklore and the local culture can be appreciated.

The Cajada: It's danced in veiled of the saints, has a smooth rate and his melodias is somewhat melancholic. The Chimaychi: He is own of the celebrations of natalicios in the small villages and riberenos towns, the steps are very similar to those of huayno of the mountain range.

The Changanacuy: The Pair is crossed Mutually of legs, is danced single at the time of “Easing up”, This typical dance of the Amazonian forest is most popular and cheers, that is made around humisha in supervisory celebrations like San Juan and carnivals.

El Sitaracuy: In Quechua it means ant that bites, is danced giving small jumps to the compass of music, as if on the feet of the pair there was a nest of ants you see it is possible to be tweaked to him to the pair like the ant puncture.

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