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Iquitos Travel Guide

Iquitos Travel Guide

Iquitos is the largest city in the rain forest of Peru. It is the capital of the Loreto Region and the Maynas Province.

The city of Iquitos is an ideal place for lovers of the ecological tourism, and for the ones who want to feel an intimate contact with the virgin nature of the Amazon forests.

Iquitos is Capital of the Department of Loreto, is also the entrance door to the Amazon. It is framed by the Nanay, Itaya and Amazon Rivers, which seclude it from any access by land. The only ways of communication with the rest of the Country is by air or by river.

The city of Iquitos was a village inhabited by the wild tribe called the "Iquitos" from whom the name was taken in the moment of its foundation in 1864. During the Spanish Colony and the gold fever caused by the legends of "El Dorado" (The Golden) and the "País de la Canela" (Country of the Cinnamon), Iquitos never had historical figuration. In 1883 began in this city the era and peak of the rubber, the exploitation of their latex and trade made that some reached immense fortunes, it brought the prosperity of the city and the construction of splendid houses began, some with tiles brought from Portugal.

North forest, 347 feet above sea level (106 m.a.s.l)

• 615 miles (990 Km) from Pucallpa, by river
• 627 miles (1,009 Km) from Lima, by air

Around 371,000 inhabitants

iquitos Travel Guide
Iquitos Travel Guide
iquitos Travel Guide
Iquitos Travel Guide

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