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Insurance in Peru

Insurance in Peru Peru is a developing country located in South America. The insurance market in Peru is relatively young and has been affected by the development of the country.

Insurances in Peru are some of the business fields that are growing a lot, since Peru is perhaps experimenting the best years of its history since 1990; the insurance companies are having an unexpected profit because of these years of wealth.

The principal factors that guarantee the development of the insurance market are: the deregulation of the market, the economic evolution and the fiscal laws. This impulse created by the progress of Peru has made that the insurance sector be the one to benefit the most.

There are Peruvian insurance companies specialized in insurances and reinsurances for general risks, life insurance market, accidents, vehicles and health. They offer a variety of insurance products for individual and financial protection as well as of that of the heritage of its customers. Also we can find companies of credit insurances and guarantees.

The Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies, APESEG, is a nonprofit institution that represents all insurance and reinsurance companies established in Peru. If you want to be sure of the reputation of the insurance company you chose, you can contact the APESEG and get all the information required.

The insurance market in Peru is divided into two parts:
  • General insurance, accidents and diseases.
  • Life insurance and pensions.

General insurance is divided into two parts:
  • General: includes earthquake and fire, automobiles, transport, banks dishonesty and theft, civil liability, maritime helmets and engineering insurance.
  • Accidents and diseases, which include medical care, SOAT, personal and school accidents.

Life insurance and pensions are divided into two parts too:
  • Life insurance: includes individual life, group life, disencumbrance, burial, particular income  and complementary insurance of risk of work (SCTR)
  • Pensions: include insurance related to the private pensions system such as annuities, pension insurance (disability insurance, survival and burial expenses), and survival and disability pensions.

Some kinds of insurances have more benefits than others, for example:

Health insurance and life insurance are the growing fields in the insurance market around the world and particularly in South America because almost all of the countries in this zone are developing.

The case of car insurance, travel insurance and home insurance is not the same as the health field, because in the country the market is not returning the same amount of founds.

Either way, the insurance market in Peru is one of the best in Latin America. Do not doubt and invest in insurances.

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