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Golf Courses in Peru

Golf Courses in Peru Peru is a beautiful country, no doubts about it, but itís not really known for its passion for Golf. However, that doesnít mean that Golf is a recently practiced sport here, on the contrary, Golf has many followers in Peru and some beautiful golf courses as well, full of many services, designed to meet the userís needs and requirements.

Practise Golf in Peru

Most golf courses in Peru are located in the city of Lima, and belong to the most prestigious country clubs of the city. Some of the most popular are Country Club La Planicie y el Country Club De Villa; both fields hold professional and amateur tournaments throughout the year, their facilities allow the proper development of the sport, as well as presenting an interesting challenge for the more experienced players.

The golf course at the Country Club De Villa is also an ecological landscape worthy of admiration. Throughout its entire length is easy to find at least 24 small lagoons, which are capable of dramatically improve the difficulty of a game while giving a much greener landscape.


Golf is an addictive and interesting sport, but it can be really tricky to master. The best way to learn all the secrets behind this sport is taking some previous golf lessons. A golf instructor can give good golf tips and teach you many different styles in order to achieve and outstanding perform in the game field.
Golf schools are also a good way to improve your game level. A golf School is equipped with all the necessary facilities, you can also borrow a set of golf clubs if you donít have one. Far from being a strict place for learning, these schools are a good spot for distraction and relaxation, and a perfect choice if what you want is an entertaining day with your family or a group of friends.

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