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Shopping in Cusco

Cusco is a great place to go shopping, Among the products of textile art, you may find the finest items in alpaca and sheep wool. The most important are the sweaters and rucksacks, cloth, chullos (hats), scarves, gloves, ponchos and waistcoats with nice designs.

You will also find a wide variety of tapestries made with sheep wool, or if you prefer of alpaca. Although it is more expensive, we guaranty their excellent high quality. Actually we have several artisan center located on Sol Avenue.

Crafts: There are many places selling crafts in Cusco , including some quite expensive shops on the Main Square. There are many stalls on the streets off the Main Square. Calle Triunfo up to San Blas has many good craft stalls, often with reasonable prices.

Many people buy crafts in the Pisac market. This has a good selection of products, although prices do not vary significantly from Cusco . The Chincheros market is cheaper, although there are far fewer products. However, it has some excellent textiles at prices significantly lower than in Cusco .

Supermarkets: Actually We have several supermarkets , one of them in Matará 271(supermaket MEGA). There are several slightly cheaper supermarkets on Av. de la Cultura, a ten minutes from the centre.

Camping equipment: There are plenty of shops on the Main Square selling camping gas and other camping equipment. These shops also hire camping equipment, including tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment. Rates are reasonable, although they vary from shop to shop so it is worth shopping around.

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