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Folklore in Cusco

The maximum expression of folklore from the people of Cusco is given in the Inti Raymi like also the Warachicuy organized by School Ciencias in the month of September.

Cusco is a world of dances, inheritance from the Inca times and that they also conserved from all the towns and nations that conquered. Many of their dances also have the inheritance of Spain, with great influence of the Christian religion.

Cusco have several dances. They emphasize the dance of the Qollas, the Cusqueño Carnaval, the Chunchos, the Dance of the Doctors, the Dance of the Negritos, the Saqra K'achampa and the Baker, and many more.

Normally the celebrations of the Holy Week, Carnivals, Corpus Christi, and the feast of "Señor de los Temblores" (Lord of the Tremors), have special significance for the town of Cusco, becoming a great folkloric first expression of their people.

Crafts: Cusco, the towns of "Valle Sagrado de los Incas" (Sacred Valley of the Incas) and the towns around, have a considerable range of handmade production, much of it is an inheritance of their Incas ancestors.

They have good elaboration of fabrics, especially those of alpaca wool made by hand, and others elaboration like ceramic, sculptures, imagery and miniatures.

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