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Chiclayo Travel Guide

Chiclayo Travel Guide

Chiclayo is located the northern Peru. The city population is approximately 634,600 while the metropolitan area is approximately 910,255. Chiclayo was founded in 1560 as a rural Indian village by a Spanish priest. Until the 19th century, Chiclayo remained a small town in comparison to the nearby city of Lambayeque. However, the city of Chiclayo has since grown to become a major modern metropolis. It is Peru's fourth largest city.

Chiclayo is a city of Peru where the tropical sun, desert oases and the fresh sea breeze come together. Legend has it that the god Naylamp sailed here together with a vast retinue thousands of years ago to found his empire. In fact, many ancient civilizations saw the strategic advantage of controlling this region, which today is a major business hub in northern Peru, where routes come together from the coast, highlands and jungle
The city of Chiclayo is well known for its archaeological sites, such as Túcume, Batán Grande and Huaca Rajada. In 1987, in Huaca Rajada (more often referred to as Sipán), a Moche mausoleum was found. The most significant discovery was the tomb of the El Señor de Sipán, who archaeologists have concluded was a royal ruler from over 1600 years ago.

North coast, 95 feet above sea level (29 m)

130.5 miles (210 km) from Piura (via Mórrope)
160.3 miles (258 km) from Cajamarca.
128 miles (206 km) from Trujillo.
474 miles (763 km) from Lima.

Around 517,000 inhabitants

Chiclayo Travel Guide
Chiclayo Travel Guide
Chiclayo Travel Guide
Chiclayo Travel Guide

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