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Folklore in Arequipa

The region boasts a large variety of dances accompanied by different costumes, the most important being probably the Carnaval Arequipeño, a group dance that is present during the week of carnival and the city's anniversary (August 15 th) ; the Yaraví, of Quechua origin; the Pampeña, a primitive huayno in which dancers dress on farmer costumes. The most genuine musical _expression of Arequipa is the Yaraví. Other popular expressions of Arequipa's musical folklore include the Carnaval Arequipeño, the popular Huayno and the Pampeña.

The most characteristic dances are the Arequipeño Carnival, typical group dance of the celebration of the carnivals and also the anniversary of the foundation of the city (15 of August).

Other dances are also witite, camile, tin, huaylas (farmers).

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