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Arequipa Travel Guide

Arequipa Travel Guide

The city of Arequipa is fairly large, but still beautiful, city located just below the edge of the Peruvian Altiplano.

Arequipa is a city in southern Peru and the nation's second most-important city. It is also the capital of the Arequipa Region and the Arequipa Province. The city stands at the foot of the snow-capped volcano El Misti, in the highlands. Arequipa has many fine colonial-era Spanish buildings built of sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock used extensively in the construction of the city, from which it gets its nickname La Ciudad Blanca ("the white city").

Location: Southern Peru, Andean zone, 2,335 meters above sea level. (7,660 feet)

From Tacna 248.5 miles (400 km)
From Puno: 201.9 miles (325 km)
From Cuzco 388 miles (625 km)
From Colca Valley 111.8 miles (180 km)
From Lima 633.8 miles (1,020 km)

Around 762,000 inhabitants

The Misti - Arequipa
Arequipa Travel Guide
Eating in Arequipa
Arequipa Travel Guide

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